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Board Code of Conduct
As a board member, I promise to: 
  1. Keep the interests of the community as a whole top of mind. My personal interests will take a back seat. 
  2. Weigh the pros and cons, do extensive research, and take into consideration all of the circumstances and resources available in order to make an informed decision. 
  3. Understand the roles and boundaries of my authority. I will perform my duties to the best of my ability, and I will comply with the laws and governing documents at all times. 
  4. Make myself available for residents to ask questions, raise concerns, and voice ideas. I am transparent to community members and happy to talk through the decisions the community has made. 
  5. Remain unbiased and open-minded regarding all owners and residents, regardless of my personal feelings and experiences with them. 
  6. Disclose when I have a personal or professional relationship with any companies or individuals that are being considered for a partnership with the community in order to help ensure there is no bias in the decision. 
  7. Ensure that elections are well disclosed to residents, fair, and meet all guidelines and laws. 
  8. Provide a united front for all decisions made by the board. Even if I was not in agreement with the decision, I will uphold the judgment and enforce the decision. 
As a board member, I promise not to: 
  1. Use personal email or personal social media accounts to communicate official or the appearance of official HOA business with members, vendors, and other persons or entities etc. 
  2. Disclose confidential information to contractors, potential partners, association members, etc. 
  3. Make promises that cannot be kept or are outside of my scope of responsibility. 
  4. Be an advocate for something that is in my best interest but at the detriment of the community as a whole. I will not recommend that an action or judgment be made that violates a guideline or law. 
  5. Use my authority and role as a board member for personal gain. I will not hold my position over the heads of other residents to receive advantages. 
  6. Use association funds for personal use or for anything that was unauthorized by the board and the community. 
  7. Accept gifts from association members, contractors, suppliers, or potential owners/contractors/suppliers. 
  8. Falsify facts about association business. I will direct members to the correct information, and should I not know the answer, I will find the information and get back to them promptly. 
  9. Disclose any owner, resident, or employer’s personal information. 
  10. Allow personal bias of employees, board members, or residents to affect my judgment. All personal feelings will be left at home, and no personal attacks will be made or tolerated. 
  11. Instill fear in my association. Residents, contractors, and suppliers should know that they can come to you with any problems, concerns, or questions. 
Adopted by resolution dated: July 29, 2022